Emory Patient Portal FAQs

Emory Healthcare provides a patient portal that is powered by Epic’s electronic health records system. This portal, accessible via the MyChart app, allows patients to manage their health records, book appointments, and connect with their healthcare providers, thereby improving patient involvement and healthcare efficiency.

Q1. What is the patient portal?

Ans: A patient portal is an online platform that allows patients to access their medical records, schedule appointments, and communicate with doctors.

Q2. How do I access Emory patient portal?

Ans: Register for the Emory patient portal on the Emory Healthcare website, then log in with your credentials.

Q3. What is Epic Emory Healthcare?

Ans: Epic Emory Healthcare is a digital platform that helps patients manage their health records and appointments.

Q4. How do I refer a patient to Emory?

Ans: Refer a patient to Emory by contacting their referral service or completing an online reference form.

Q5. How many bed hospital is Emory?

Ans: Emory Hospital is a large facility, however particular bed counts can be found on their official website or by contacting them.

Q6. What is Emory Patient Portal app?

Ans: The Emory Patient Portal app is a mobile application that allows you to view your health records, schedule appointments, and communicate with clinicians.

Q7. What is the use of MyChart app?

Ans: Patients can use the MyChart app to check health records, make appointments, and contact with healthcare providers.

Q8. How do you get to Emory patient portal?

Ans: To use the Emory patient portal, go to Emory Healthcare’s website and log in with your registered credentials.

Q9. What is the minimum age to participate in the Patient Portal?

Ans: The minimum age for Patient Portal participation varies; normally, it is 18, however minors’ information can be accessed by guardians.

Q10. Does Emory use Cerner or Epic?

Ans: Emory Healthcare’s electronic health records system is Epic, not Cerner.

Q11. Does Emory have MyChart?

Ans: Emory Healthcare does, in fact, employ MyChart as part of its patient portal offerings.

Q12. What is Epic called in healthcare?

Ans: Epic is a popular software for electronic health records and patient management systems in healthcare.

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